At Parmerit we utilize a combination of Stick, Mig, and Tig welding equipment depending on the needs of the project. Our staff are experienced in working with a variety of materials such as mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and magnesium.
With our 5 and 10 Ton cranes and a 23 foot hook height, we easily accommodate sizable welding projects. Our largest project to date has weighed in at 55 tons after assembly.

Custom fabrication can be done to the specifications of customer drawings or custom designs can be done by our design team. More about our design team more >>

Custom Fabricating


- Large or small fabrications
- Largest project weighing 55 tons after assembly
- 5 and 10- ton cranes
- 23 foot hook height
- Mig, tig or stick welding
- Working from customer drawings
- Designing custom in-house drawings
- CWB certified welders

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