Robotic Weld Cell

Parmerit was responsible to design & build robotic weld cell for various lengths & diameters of tube. Click to learn more.


Robotic Machining Center

Our customer required a robotic cell to drill various holes in multiple locations while automatically loading and/or unloading into the drilling station. Click to learn more.


LTS Brake/Accelerator Pedal Line

Parmerit was tasked with designing & building two sister LTS lines. One line was to assemble a clutch pedal, ready for in car position. Click to learn more



We pride ourselves on our ability to create equipment that is designed and manufactured to custom specifications. Large or small, innovation is built into every piece of machinery we build. We make quality, industrial equipment, built for durability and strength.


Custom Machining continues to be an important part of our ongoing commitment to all our customers. We deliver good service and value for all your Turning, Milling, Drilling, CNC, Boring, Toolmaking and Precision Grinding.


The quality of our custom fabricating comes from the consistent workmanship of our on-site CWB certified welders. Our team has experience working with a variety of metals including mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel and magnesium.

Service Commitment

“We are committed to providing our clients with excellent product, support and service.”

You can expect on time delivery of your product, full integration and support as promised. We are dedicated to:

  • Ensuring our clients are part of the process at each stage of development
  • Engineering machinery that is easy to use, yet substantial enough to withstand many years of industrial use
  • Meeting delivery timelines
  • Providing continued post-delivery technical support
  • Being available when you need us

Client service at Parmerit is something we take very seriously. It is part of our decision making process and is built into everything we do.

“Our team strives for excellence and is our most valuable asset. We create equipment solutions we can be proud of.”
– Ed Veeke, Founder & President